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Year 6

The Cave

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The Cave

The atmosphere in the cave



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Outside the wind howled acrossed the hills.Inside the cave was still .I could smell something strong- It started to mess up my area – all i could hear is clashing loud sounds and my gentle breathing What will they do?How did they get here?Why will they breaking into my home? Where did they come from?My mind was packed with questions.Calming my emotions down,I stood still.


I am now not alone .From that day ,I was born ,       lonely . No one  ever liked my apperance and my attitude .Even my mother said so.My attitude was really bad:I never used manners,always said rude languages and many more bad behaviour. 


Wait .Who is that?There  are two people in my cave .My heart beating  like a roller coaster .An eletric  shock is sliding down my spine.One of them started to hiss.They have to get out.My crimsol wings protrudes out of my shoulder blades.I could see my shadow from a ball into my sillhoute.

What do you think will happen next.



The Red Eye – Innovation

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The Map

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Outside the wind howled across the hills. Inside the cave was still. Still until my heartbeat took over the open space. I stuck onto the dull,lifeless walls as the crunch of gravel filled my ears. The colours of my body faded into the sadness of my home. Someone or something was in my cave.


It was silent. The noise had stopped. It had left. No, it hadn’t it was back again. The same noise repeated itself, again and again. It was heading towards me. Could it see me ? It turned back. Phew. That was close. I was safe.


Ever since my mother had told me not to hunt “innocent” humans, I haven’t been myself.

You have to stop killing them, it isn’t right, they haven’t done anything to us. This is for our safety and theirs.” she said

“But what about food!” I protested.

“Berries. Go and pick berries. Then maybe you’ll understand that it’s easier to eat berries than humans.” she replied

My mind came back to reality. I didn’t want to let my mother down. I wouldn’t do it.

Something else was there. I had to give in. The temptation was murdering me. They were going. The thing was holding something. The map! They were taking it. I had to get it.They were going to pay.


Kevin’s Story

June 27th, 2017 · No Comments · English

Outside, in the murk and gloom, the raging wind roared in fury; inside the cave was still, filled with serenity and peace. After a while, I could hear a cold, dark breath, a crunch of rocky gravel and the short, soft whisper of a familiar, young voice. I wasn’t alone… I couldn’t be seen: I scrunched my stomach up, feeling the pigeons frantically flapping around in the depths of my stomach and placed my head down slowly.

I knew who was there as thoughts raced through my mind, eddying and swirling rapidly. Gingerly, I began to reflect on what Dad had instructed me to do.

“Now son, do you know the plan?” My dad barked. He had plotted an evil, sly, twisted plan to the unaware, innocent Sally: “get her bag, take my map out, hide it in the cave and make her feel so guilty for ‘losing it.’ ”

Although I knew it was wrong from the beginning – I couldn’t resist the temptation of the reward I was getting…

What do you think will happen next?


Red Revenge (The Red Eye Innovation)

June 27th, 2017 · No Comments · English

Outside, the wind howled: it was zig-zagging across the hills. Inside, the cave was still – so still you couldn’t hear yourself breathe. My heart scowled at me forcing all of my body to feel pain and anger. I didn’t deserve to look like this – blood-shot red eyes, silver teeth and a wooden leg. He should’ve been gone. He should’ve died.

Suddenly, there was a tap.

Then there was another and another. I familiar face grew from the darkness.

Then it came to me.

It was Sally the daughter of my enemy Dave.

It started when I was normal – the best actually. I was running away from the pain of loss: I didn’t know what happened next but the next thing I knew, I was on a table with someone holding a red eye. I looked horrific, terrible, ugly!

Sally’s father was the one who caused this: my stomach churned, the smell of fresh flesh wafted in the air and the sweet sight of screams invaded my head. That feeling was called revenge. My red eye Bulged – it was time to go to my happy place…



June 11th, 2017 · 1 Comment · General News

Queenie is a heart touching story about girl who nearly lost her Grandma.

I think it is the best book Jacqueline Wilson has ever written. To be honest it is quite sad .

The hospital cat is called Queenie so that is how the title is named.


Dogs don’t tell jokes- Louis Sachar

June 11th, 2017 · 1 Comment · General News

I like this book because it is full of jokes (which some of them I don’t get)and it is about persevering also doing what you think is best.

I feel sorry for the main character Gary because he is still called ‘Goon’ when he has changed his attitude to saying jokes and wants people to call him his actual name.

I would recommend this book to people who like jokes and for them to how much it meant to Gary.


Atticus Claw : Hears a roar- Jennifer Cray.

June 11th, 2017 · No Comments · General News

I enjoy this book because it is full of adventure and full of mystery.

Did you know that Atticus is actually called Henry and he belongs to Jennifer?

I like the part when Inspector Cheddar wouldn’t do anything else until he has solved the crime.

I don’t like the part where the magpies try to steal the journal that belongs to a very important man who died years ago.



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Apples are juicy,

Juicier then Peach.

Apples are red,

Redder than the man on the beach.



The boy who swam with Piranhas- David Almond

June 9th, 2017 · No Comments · General News

This book is great for people who love adventure story’s. It is aimed at 10 to 14 year old children. This book is about a boy who leaves home, travels with the fair and then meets his destiny as The boy who swims with Piranhas.