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I like this book because it shows that even in a hospital you can have lots of adventures.
I recommend this book to people who like comedy and humour- filled books.
********** 🙂

A petal brushed against our cheeks and the sun blinded us. North End Park stood before us and we couldn’t believe it was winter , it felt like summer.

A sudden cold breeze stopped our thoughts proceeding. I remembered why we came here.

The evergreen soldiers stood slender , tall and … menacing.

Everything else seemed to blur as we got closer, ” Race you to the other side! ” shouted Poppy as she rounded a corner and disappeared from sight.

I was all alone.

I was more cautious. Each little noise seemed to make my heart thud and my pulse race.

I felt as if something was watching me from the towers of greenery.

I was walking for hours and still no sign of Poppy. I tried to think she was out by now but I knew she couldn’t have it was impossible.

I can’t turn back now! It was my idea in the first place to do this , what was I thinking?

Poppy. The name sends shivers down my spine. Thoughts filled my mind of where she could be : out of here , still here.I don’t know!

Suddenly I heard an earsplitting scream.


I ran to Poppy.

After a while , I finally found her lying face down on the muddy ground , frozen still. Paralysed by fear , I waited.

Her face lifted. Red eyes , ripped clothes , cheeky grin.

” Come and play with me! ” Her voice was deeper , rougher – meaner even.

This wasn’t the Poppy I knew. I felt worthless. My best friend had been taken from me.

I couldn’t take it I had to get out of  there.

I’m still there pacing the floor of North End Park Maze.

Looking for a way out. Looking but never finding …

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On the 22nd of February Lucy and I will be doing an audition to get a leading part in the CSTA ( Centre Stage Theatre Arts ) show Bugsy Malone. We are very excited but also fretting and TERRIFIED!!!! We are auditioning in front of everyone else in the show. This will be extremely nerve-wracking. I will audition for two male parts; laid back and chilled Bugsy Malone and the evil villan DANDY DAN…


On the other hand, I (Lucy) will be auditioning for two female parts. (The only main female parts.) The famous dancer with a Tallullah and new arrival Blousey Brown.

Here are a couple of videos taken from our English writing this week. Some of the children will share their plan, read a part of their story out and explain their choices. We hope you enjoy them!

This book makes you laugh and cry that is why I love it . In the book Dan Hope has an annoying sister called Grace , I can relate to this because my siblings are annoying too . Dan has two best friends called Jo and Christopher.Jo is very religious and funny . I give ‘a boy called Hope’ five stars .

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