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November 2016

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autumn leaves


from the tree.



conkers fall


near the wall.



birds up high


rounding the sky



smokey fires



On Monday 24th October,we set off to Wales.We were all bored until our dad put the radio on. That was  when the groove danced along the journey When we got there we got lost. Insted of going to Swansea we went to New Port.My dad called my friends dad in Swansea and said we were in New Port.After that my parents decided to stay at our baby cousins for a  day.The next day,we  were on the roll  several minutes later we arrived to our friends Elna and Eva we had such great FUN!!! 

Monday-go to dance class then study

Tuesday- study then relax

Wednesday-study the relax

Thursday-extra school then study

Friday- MOVIE NIGHT!!!!

Saturday-active learn then play

Sunday-Church then put uniform ready for school

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Today, Mr Connor said that we have a surprise. we were all very desperate to know.After lunch as we all came into class to  get our PE kits  and that was when the  wow express appeared. The word virtual reality  came out in all sorts of places.It was PE, the good news was that we got to play end ball.When we switched over it started   raining all over.The best bit was that we got to do it in the hall.After PE, we went to our  places and looked through the lenses it was like we were in a different world. The first place we went was under water and n one part there were sharks and in the other there was a diver.The second place we went  was  Antartica there were  lots of snowy montains and ice bergs.the last place we went was at Australia we were with a rhino which had mud all over its body.


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