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Outside fell silent , I couldn’t help but follow it – a dark shadow . I couldn’t make out who or what it was . But it was not welcome . It came into my cave , my home !  it was looking  , searching for something . Then another shadow appeared . I was about to topple over with anger . It felt like steam was flowing out of my ears ,  my heart was on fire . They stopped my cave stood still – for a second . Whatever it was doing , it was  very quiet .  My tail curled in ; my fangs sunk into my gums . My body wrapped up into a ball of scaly slimy skin .


whatever it was stopped again . A horrific silence drowned the cave . My heart shut-down  for a second my body unravelled  and fell to the floor .

Ever since birth , I had been alone , abandoned ,unwanted and disposed of . I was a waste of space . Since birth i had fended for myself .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Today was no different .



What i like -how the characters work together
What i dislike – nothing

I love the plot to this story about Darkus the best character in my opinion c is Novak Lucreshas daughter because she is really funny

Title : A Boy Called Hope

Author :  Lara Williamson 

write a sequel !

We loved the books motto’ some times a little bit of hope can go a long way’. At the start of the book we like how it says ‘I love peanut butter it’s so sticky it’s a wonder they don’t  put it in tubes and sell it as glue’ because it’s very funny and makes you actually think why they don’t do that.

our class read this book in class and loved it we were very shocked when Dans dad died.