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Outside, in the murk and gloom, the raging wind roared in fury; inside the cave was still, filled with serenity and peace. After a while, I could hear a cold, dark breath, a crunch of rocky gravel and the short, soft whisper of a familiar, young voice. I wasn’t alone… I couldn’t be seen: I scrunched my stomach up, feeling the pigeons frantically flapping around in the depths of my stomach and placed my head down slowly.

I knew who was there as thoughts raced through my mind, eddying and swirling rapidly. Gingerly, I began to reflect on what Dad had instructed me to do.

“Now son, do you know the plan?” My dad barked. He had plotted an evil, sly, twisted plan to the unaware, innocent Sally: “get her bag, take my map out, hide it in the cave and make her feel so guilty for ‘losing it.’ ”

Although I knew it was wrong from the beginning – I couldn’t resist the temptation of the reward I was getting…

What do you think will happen next?

A few weeks ago, I was at an audition for a show called Bugsy Malone at my drama club. The parts I went for were: Blousey, a shy sensitive girl  from a different part of America and Tallulah a confident singer and dancer with high ambitions.

On Saturday morning, my mum woke  me up with the results. And the results are in…

I got… Tallulah!!! A main part! How exciting! The rehearsals start this Wednesday and I can’t wait to get started.

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On the 22nd of February Lucy and I will be doing an audition to get a leading part in the CSTA ( Centre Stage Theatre Arts ) show Bugsy Malone. We are very excited but also fretting and TERRIFIED!!!! We are auditioning in front of everyone else in the show. This will be extremely nerve-wracking. I will audition for two male parts; laid back and chilled Bugsy Malone and the evil villan DANDY DAN…


On the other hand, I (Lucy) will be auditioning for two female parts. (The only main female parts.) The famous dancer with a Tallullah and new arrival Blousey Brown.

Dear Diary,

What’s happening to me? I feel an unusual sensation penentraiting my body. This can’t mean anything bad, can it?

(Two days later)

That’s it! I can’t endure it any longer! The pain is exruciating, unbearable it’s too hard to explain. I wish not to spread this vile desiese onto any of my family members. I will not let them face the traumatic terror that I am going through now.

(One day later)

The pain is weighing me down. I feel myself slowly shrivelling up into a ball and disappearing. The black boils and swelling skin has invaded my body. If my children are reading this, all I want to say is look after yourself, I will be with you mentally. I can’t take it anymore. The pain has won.

Goodbye! I will miss you dearly. Goodbye!

My Half term has been brilliant! It was full of fun, laughter and happiness. Here is what I did:

Friday: YMCA (it was great)

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: YMCA (with my fabulous friends)

Thursday: Going to my friends house and homework

Friday and Saturday: Homework

Sunday: Rest

I hope you enjoyed your Half Term as much as I did. What was you favourite thing that you did?

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