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Am I really in Stormhand ? Am I really cursed ? Has my life ended? Last night I slept in a volcano cave I dreamt of my self getting cursed When I was little. My humongous black wings uncurled my horn started to glow dark black .I woke up thinking was my dream real ? I wondered all day about where my family is then I realised they were in Winterbourne with my freinds .

I flew to get some food and found my freinds ( not from Winterbourne ) discussing some thing. I flew down to them and asked them what were they talking about . The carped , every one is going to the dragons to get some breath to be good again . I had to go !

My journey began only seven hours ago and I was really tired . I flew down to a frozen steep mountine and slowly my wings curled up again .My horn turned orange like a flame of deadly fire . The next morning ,  I was woken up by a deadly loud screech but it wasn’t any screech  it was a …….. Dragon ! Finally , I found it Good frendly  magic is soon going to be on me . The next thing I new is that I should go to the dragon and and ask him for some breath so , I did . The dragon has red deadly scales . The clause were as sharp as knives . His tale was thick , heavy and scaly . I slowly walked towards him he sore me he asked me about what am I doing here of corse I told him I wanted his breath .  Im on a journey again the dragon wanted a fire rose and then he will finnaly give me his breath.

Finnaly ,I found the fire rose and in back to the dragon . He needs to eat the fire rose . The time has come a beem of fire has made my horn  a rainbow colour and my body all white . When I tried to say thankyou I was back in Winterbourn  with my parents . Im really joy full that Im back with my family and freinds in winterbourn .

THE END by  liwia .




The first day of my holiday my alarm clock woke me up at  2 in the morning so i got ready to go I  opened the door and it was pich black . lol . On sunday my uncle came from Poland and on Tuesday we went to Nottingham for a day and it was amazing we went  around the city and a few shops . On wednsay we wock up at 9 30  and we drove to the bus station to say good bye to our uncle . He huged us and drove away to Nottingham in the bus . So our mum said lets go to the cinema  the first movie was only at ten in 5 minuets  so we stayed got a takaway donut and got a star bucks coffie frapchino and mum got a pumpkin spice latte .mmmmm. This was an amazing holiday and I hope evreone had a good one.



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