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September 2016

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The Tibicena had ripped and feasted on the men, its brandished claws serratedĀ like knives; roars of anger echoed in the cave. Screams of sorrow and pain pierced Mitchell’s ears. A foul smell of death filled the cave. Only now there was Mitchell and four other men. Mitchell had faith but the others didn’t.

Its blood red eyes bulged out of its skull.

Its serrated claws scratching the earth angrily.

My holiday was amazing I got to go to London and see the Queens house is was beautiful and it was so busy. Staying at my aunts was cool and her boys were so funny and sick at fifa. Well I’ve had an epic week so how about you?

Every year, thousands of children are tired and hungry after hard work, if we can encourage more schools to have fish and chips every Friday, this would result in an delicious and great opportunity to satisfy low hunger.

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