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The Map

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Outside the wind howled across the hills. Inside the cave was still. Still until my heartbeat took over the open space. I stuck onto the dull,lifeless walls as the crunch of gravel filled my ears. The colours of my body faded into the sadness of my home. Someone or something was in my cave.


It was silent. The noise had stopped. It had left. No, it hadn’t it was back again. The same noise repeated itself, again and again. It was heading towards me. Could it see me ? It turned back. Phew. That was close. I was safe.


Ever since my mother had told me not to hunt “innocent” humans, I haven’t been myself.

You have to stop killing them, it isn’t right, they haven’t done anything to us. This is for our safety and theirs.” she said

“But what about food!” I protested.

“Berries. Go and pick berries. Then maybe you’ll understand that it’s easier to eat berries than humans.” she replied

My mind came back to reality. I didn’t want to let my mother down. I wouldn’t do it.

Something else was there. I had to give in. The temptation was murdering me. They were going. The thing was holding something. The map! They were taking it. I had to get it.They were going to pay.

I sneak my way towards the house. I search for a gun. A big, pitch-black fire-arm stuck out of the ragged cardboard box. Shaking, I picked up the gun as if it was a prize possession. I walked onto the street. I ran into line where everyone else was.

“Nia why are you here? You should be in the shelter with mum!”Shouted Ryan.

“Ryan I can’t just watch people die! So…I came to help.”I say.”Where’s dad?”

“Dad’s….. gone.He was….. forget it!Now are you gonna shoot or what?”He shouts.

I hold out my ancient weapon and shoot.I just killed someone.But for some reason I don’t care.After all they were the ones who killed Mia. I hear more bombs go off in the distance. This is getting worser by the minute.


I like this book because it’s kind of based on a legend of the 1,000 paper cranes but to be precise it is based on Sadoko and the 1,000 paper cranes.
“Sadoko Sasaki was a Japanese girl who lived near Hiroshima,Japan. She was just 2 when the atom bomb was dropped on 6th August, 1945. At the age of 11 ,she was diagnosed with leukemia as a result of radiation from the bomb. Sadoko’s best friend told her the legend of the paper cranes so Sadoko decided to fold 1,000 paper cranes to make her wish to get well come true. Sadly, she had only folded 644 paper cranes when she died at the age of 12 in 1955. Sadoko’s friends and classmates completed the 1,000 paper cranes and these were buried with her. A statue of Sadoko now stands in Hiroshama and at it’s foot is a plaque that reads:’This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace on earth.’ ”
This book is about 5 friends who are called the heart club because when they put their names together it spells heart.
When they get older and older they are crumbling apart.This book includes funny things,sad things and happy things. It is also about friendship. I recommend this book to everyone with the of 10 and over.
My rating for this book is:10/10.


When you read this title you may think it’s those try not to cry challenge by youtubers,but this is diffrent, this is an inspiring video I would like you all to see.

This video has inspired me to love a listen to my parents.This made me cry,did you cry?

It had been 2 years since Mia’s death and since war had started. I can still remember the day of Mia’s death as if it had only happened yesterday. I wasn’t allowed to go and fight the Germans. Ryan(my big brother)was fighting them though ,he and dad had to go and fight, me and mum had stay in the shelter. It just wasn’t fair! Just because we’re girls it doesn’t mean we can’t fight! I want to give them my revenge of what they did to Mia. I open the tin can full of cold,frothy soup. I take a spoon and try to eat it. I heard a bomb go off in the distance. A tear fell into the can full soup,followed by another one. What if dad and Ryan was gone as well?


I look at mum.She’s looking at the photo we took ages ago when Mia and I were babies.I look at her once more ,take a gas mask and climb out the ladder. I felt a tug on my dress as I climbed up.

“Nia where are you going?I can’t loose you as well!Get down here!”Mum said.

“Mum I can’t stay here and watch people die! I have to go and help !”I reply.

I felt the tug of my dress loosen as I climb up. I look outside.Everything has been destroyed.