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Year 6


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On Friday 25th November after school, I went to my friend’s older sister’s birthday party. Some of my friends from school were there and some of my other friends were there too. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. Some other people were dancing and singing- it was so amazing. The party ended at 1:00am and I was so tired.

On Monday, I watched my favourite programme on the television. On Tuesday, I spoke through my cousins through FaceTime  and they said that they were coming to my house on Wednesday. I woke up early on Wednesday and ate breakfast and took a shower. Waited for my cousins to arrive from London. Then I was excited because I get to see them again in a long time. Me and my cousins went to a park on Thursday and I was so happy. By the time on Friday, my mum and my aunt took us to town and had a bit of shopping and also visited the food court, how I miss chatting with my cousins. Then we went to a party on Saturday night and play games, sing songs and dance and we ate lots of food. It was fun, I really enjoyed it. Sunday, it was a sad day for me because my cousins had to go back home as its a school day next day. How I wish they live here in Derby. I hope to see them again on Christmas. (read more…)

I love ‘keep calm quotes’ because some of them are amazing, colourful and more.

Here is a website about them:keep-calm-and-do-what-you-love-15Monkie1231 thank you for this amazing image.