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Outside, the wind howled across the hills and mountains. Inside, the cave was as still as water. Still, except for my thudding heart which thudded and thudded.

I tried to make myself as small as possible ; my wings smartly folded and fangs tucked in. I knew it. I heard it. I saw it. A black silhouette hovered around my cave. A few seconds later, the something or someone went away. Complete silence overtook the cave.

Ever since mother went away, the cave had been silent but this time is was different. The day mother went away left, she spoke to me : ” my precious, my darling, I will be gone for a while but i will soon come back. Do not do anything you will regret.” Then she left. Forever.

Ever since that mournful day my life changed ; I had only hunted in  the forest where i was camouflaged in a hue of green. I had tried to stay put to my promise but there was a temptation right in front of my eyes. It was time to decide.

Without thinking, my mouth began to drip with saliva and my nostrils running with smoke. My red eyes fixated on the human. Razor-like claws brandished out, ready to charge. The other side of me was unveiled…

I really liked reading Someday Angeline. This book is great because it is funny and useful. It is funny because there is a lot of jokes. Also, in my own opinion, i think Someday Angeline is inspirational because it tells you even though things will be hard at the start, they will get better and better.I recommend this book to age 8 – 13.

This is the meaning of bonfire night. Thank you Poppie for teaching me about this.

If you want, here is a website that teaches you about bonfire night

Basically, bonfire night is all to do with Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes was Catholic and because the house of parliament was being nasty to Catholics, he planed a plot to explode the house of parliament and everyone in it.

On the night of the explosion, Guy Fawkes and his fellow Catholics put 36 barrels of gun powder under the house of parliament.

By good fortune, the police/guards caught him before he could light up the gun powder.

This is the story of bonfire night.

Today, some people make models of Guy Fawkes and burn it with the fire.

Guy Fawkes 2

thank you SonofGroucho for this picture.

Every year, thousands of people are at war. Why should this be a burden to the world? Why cant we be peaceful to one another?If we can promote people to be peaceful,our world would be worth living in. This could change lives ,not just for you but for the people to.

If you are peaceful to someone,you would be setting a good example. Additionally,we all need to treat others as we would want to be treated.Being peaceful is the superior way to live.