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November 2016

November 2016

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The Map


Outside the wind howled across the hills and through the valleys. Inside the cave was still. Well, as still as it could be. I curled up in a corner as the moon became something of the past. There was something there. In my cave. I peered over some rocks. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear something coming closer; there was an intruder. My heart could be heard from a mile away.

I had the urge to let out a howl. I didn’t though. I would’ve been sent way.

Suddenly a light flickered on and off. I recognised the face. It was someone from earlier. It made a noise, a familiar noise.

Ever since my first transformation, I was told not to hunt the innocent but this morning someone came.

She was here earlier and she came back. She wasn’t like the other children there; she was hiding something but I didn’t think that she knew what it was. It belonged to me but now she had it.

She didn’t have it now though she lost it my precious map: my only way back home. I could see it in the corner of my eyes. After these twenty one years of howls, transformations and hunting I thought that I would never go back to my normal self but it was time for my last kill.

I really enjoyed reading Dork Diaries because it had humour, tension and a lot of drama. Dork Diaries is the life of a 14-year-old girl, Nikki J. Maxwell, that finds it hard to cope with a new school, a new bully and new friends. My favourite part was when at the start Nikki talks about how she wants a phone and it is necessary and then her mum gives her a present and, of course, Nikki is expecting a phone but when she opens the present it’s a diary. My least favourite part was when Nikki went to enter her painting into the Avant- Garde art competition but her painting gets run over by her dad’s van (roachmobile).

Bird is a book about a girl – Jewel – who was born on the same day that her brother – John – died. My favourite part was when Jewel’s parents had a fight about their dead son and the mum said
” I never wanted Jewel, I wanted John.”
My least favourite part was when Jewel’s Grandpa was squirted with water by Jewel’s friend Eugene. I would definitely recommend this book to children aged 10-13 .

The day after Celia died I received this letter:

I regret to inform you that I have taken my own life. This decision has taken a long time to be formed and was mine alone to make. I know it will cause you pain and for that I am sorry, but please know that I needed to end my own pain. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. It’s not your fault.


She emailed copies of the letter to her parents and to me and the to the Leicester police department, along with another note informing them which hotel she was at, which room she was in, what she did to end her life and how her body should be safely handled. On the pillow at the hotel room was another note – instructing the maid to call the police and not touch her body – along with a fifty-pound tip. She sent emails on a time delay. So that she would be long gone by the time we received them. 


I enjoyed reading this book because it shows how people change people and that everyone makes mistakes even when you think that they’re perfect. The book was about a boy called Bradley Chalkers but nobody really likes him apart from a new boy called Jeff Fishkin. They both have to go to a counsellor called Carla but Bradley doesn’t like her. Jeff and Bradley fall out because of their opinions of her. Bradley then becomes a better person with her help. I don’t like that the book is called ‘ There’s a boy in the girls bathroom’ because that’s only one part of the story.

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