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What can you catch but not throw?

What travels around the world but stays in the corner?

What is black and white and black and white and black and white?

What is black and white and red all over.

Do you know the answers?

Write them in the comments.

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Most of these jokes are from Roald Dahl whizzpopping joke book,but not all.

Q. Who invented fractions?

A. Henry the Eighth

Teacher says: Write a sentence using the word lettuce.

Pupil says: Let us out of school early.

Q. What happens if you make a walnut laugh?

A. It cracks up.

Here are some eggcelent joke but not eggrybody would get these yokes.I am sorry if I crack you up.

Okay I’ll stop AAHH only yoking. OKAY now I will stop .

Which yoke was your favorite out of all of them?

(sorry I can’t stop the egg puns).


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  1. I love school because without we wouldn’t learn anything and have never probally met your best friend at school.
  2. I LOVE Maths because I am sort of good at it and I have liked it for a long time.
  3. I love minecraft because you can explore and use imagination to create anything from a dirt block to your biggest dreams.
  4. I love Derby County Football Club because it is my local team and I am a season ticket holder which means I can go to every single league match at Pride Park.COME ON YOU RAMS!
  5. I love Celtic Football Club because me and my mum and dad support them and they are the best.HAIL HAIL!

>>You have anything the same that you like?<<

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All I awoke to was the dark ,gloomy dull sky like a black canvas.Screams and screeching filled my ears,as the fire,moaning and groaning, spread across the suffering village.The faded fire engine sounds grew louder and faded again.I had to start over!I tried to walk (wobbling every step) and stumbled towards the ,what’s left of the, shops to find what is left of the food supply.

“Take what you can grab and get out of here as quick as possible,”the shopkeeper rushed” before they find you!” That time he yelled.I grabbed hold of all the food I could grab and reached for a rucksack. Rushing,I tried to stuff everything I grabbed in the bag.On the way out,I grabbed a small blanket,to keep warm.I saw a shadowed figure roaming across the streets.Lightning crashed and thunder clapped.I ran toward the forest outside the village in the countryside.I ran across the fields and saw the forest.My heart raced like an engine.I checked my back,but all I could see was my home place burning into ashes.

Minutes later,I arrived in the forest and the sun started to rise behind the tall,sturdy soldiers.I adventured into the depths of the unknown forest.I start to make a fire,using the force of friction.Flickers of fire sparked until a massive flame rose and settled on the bed of freezing,cold sticks.I gathered leaves and lay them on the ground,in a bed shape.Gently,I lay my blanket on the pile of dark green leaves.It was dangerous to leave a fire burning while no-one is there so I blew out the roaring flaming fire with one humongous blow.Hungry, I took a bite of a red,juicy apple and set off to adventure out of the forbidden forest.

On Saturday 7th January I went to West Bromwich, to watch Derby play against them away and we…………..WON 1-2. At first West Brom scored then Darren Bent scored from outside the box and then everyone (except the West Brom fans).After half time every thing was tense to who would score the winning goal. The crowd when quiet before Tom Ince took his freekick.Did he score?…………………………………………………………………………………………YAYAYAYAYAYAY.He scored right in the bottom corner and the goalie didn’t move.BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our next rival in the FA cup is …………Leicester City, who won the championship last season and are the champions of the premier league. It will be tough.

Do you think the RAMS will win or lose?