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I liked this book because it said “if you fall,you get strait back up ” This has motivated me because in the past I wasn’t very confident with my basketball but now i have read this book I have grown my confidence level up.The only thing i didn’t like this book was that there were no pictures showing him doing anything.This reminds me of when I was a little kid because I improved as i got older

    🌨Icy wraths grip your face,🌨

     ☀️❌No summer sun to be found. ❌☀️

       ❄️A dreaded place of ice and snow ❄️

       ↪️ I’m certain you’ll turn around,↩️

        🌋As the menacing volcano spits out rage🌋

        💀The killers will bring you dead💀

         🌑Darkness has fallen, the dim grey hour🌑

      ⚠️Beware of what lays ahead⚠️

     ✋🏻But wait right there, ✋🏻

       🌴 A kingdom of tropic, you’ll find.🌴

         🌳 Relaxing forests and playful creatures, 🌳

         ❤️A place of love and peace combined.❤️

       ✨Magic awaits in this beautiful land,✨

         🐦😁Birds are humming happy and free.😁🐦

  🌲A land of nature, green and tall,🌲

 🌌The deep blue sky will overcome you, I promise you thee.🌌

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