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This is one of my favourite books because it really grips you in with creating suspense and leaving cliff hangers at the end of chapters. It’s about a girl called Katy, who has six brothers and sisters. She gets paralysed in a wheelchair so she can’t walk.

I would recommend this to children who like books, which are very dramatic because the author describes when she fall and is really powerful. This book is based on a book ‘What Katy Did’ which was written in 1872. The author based the book ‘Katy’ on this story as a more modern version.

Rating: 10 out of 10

I love Justin Bieber so much. He is the best pop star in the world and is Canadian. He performs world wide and he is amazing. I am his biggest fan ever.

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I glanced at the old, abandon, rundown hospital on Whistle – Ark road. The hospital had stood there for years but closed after an unknown disaster had been caused. Mum had told us numerous times not to go there ever in our lifetime.                                                                                                                                                  ”No I have told you over a million times!” Mum shouted, frustratingly. We had been eager to go to that building ever since Justin and I moved here. Tonight was the right time to go not only was Mum out but we were left all by ourselves to get up to any mischief we wanted to.

As darkness closed in, I peered outside the window and the hospital stood there creepily. The trees were arched over and the rain started to drizzle down the windows. Justin and I felt shivers run down our spines. I closed the door and made our way to the hospital. The our wind howled and blew against me viciously. I lost my balance and went crashing down to the ground, coated in muddy fens. Angrily, I trudged to the hospital. Nothing could stop me – at least not this time.

The menacing clouds grumbled, as the doors to the hospital opened. It felt like spirits were being released into the open world. We stepped into the pitch black darkened room as it was only lit by the flicker of one candle.  I had a second thought about this now, The doors shuddered and then slammed shut.

Al we could hear was clicking of windows being locked but we didn’t know who was doing it. The only thing we could do was explore what hidden secrets lacy beneath this unidentified building. I could hear the wind whistling over in the outside world. It almost l like I was separated from the other world outside. As we opened the first door a peculiar wind cane out from nowhere, but when we closed it, it stopped. It was very obvious that it was a forbidden sign telling us not to go in there,

We tried the next door and the wind didn’t come out this time. Justin stepped in, but I remained silent with fear, whilst I forced myself to follow him. Trailing behind him I we waited for something to happen. But nothing did. The door shuddered once again. We both knew exactly what was going to happen. Quickly we made a run for it but it was too late. There was a window covered in dust,filth and spiders. We saw the tress tremble and knew we could make it out alive but no one can promise we will make it out alive.

I knew that nobody was in this deadly,unexplained room but I just felt like there was. Blood trailed across the floor and it was clear it wasn’t old. Something caught my attention, steel,shiny silver knives were levitating. They weren’t straight to just.It was clear to me that his mind was blank. I shouted at him to move but he wasn’t listening. It cut him in the cheek , blood trickled down his face. Then I had a great idea there was a door marked secret. This must be the answer. We could finally  be set free.

As we crept into the house, we saw shadow lurking beneath the bushes. We heard creaking sounds and knocking on the window. this wasn’t a good sign. it was coming for us. It must have slithered out from the building when we left the secret exit open. It was coming. Not to make friends. But for REVENGE.

             By Jen

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