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Here are my top 10 favourite websites, you tubers and why:

BTW IRF = I recommend for

1. Wengie – youtuber – I love ❤️ her because she has got amazing tips and brilliant videos. I recommended for: 6+

2. Dan TDM – youtuber – I recommend him because he is a great gamer and youtuber as well as he is appropriate for kids. IRF: 7+

3. – web – If you take a delight in cooking this website is for you: not only is it easy to use but it is full of amazing and delicious recipes I’m sure you’ll enjoy. IRF: anyone is free to use this.

4. – web – Altought this website is American-based it is still resourceful and, if you sign up, it focuses on what you need to improve on. IRF: 8+

5. – web – This website is full of amazing tips and instruction texts of all types of crafty things e.g. coozing, knitting, art and several other things, I find this website helpful and easy to use. IRF: anyone who pleases to search this website.

Those are my 5 recommended sites, I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

– Brille.N

The White Giraffe is part of a wonderful book series – The White Giraffe , Dolphin Song, The Last Leopard and The Elephant’s Tale. It is full of great description and has an understandable and interesting story line – it is an amazing novel. This book is based on the authors own childhood, however the main character (Martine) is nothing like Lauren St John herself! Although they both have a soft spot for animals and both grew up in Africa in a game reserve. I am sure many people will be able to relate to the young Martine and several of her actions and experiences. I would recommend this to anyone – even adults!

    🌨Icy wraths grip your face,🌨

     ☀️❌No summer sun to be found. ❌☀️

       ❄️A dreaded place of ice and snow ❄️

       ↪️ I’m certain you’ll turn around,↩️

        🌋As the menacing volcano spits out rage🌋

        💀The killers will bring you dead💀

         🌑Darkness has fallen, the dim grey hour🌑

      ⚠️Beware of what lays ahead⚠️

     ✋🏻But wait right there, ✋🏻

       🌴 A kingdom of tropic, you’ll find.🌴

         🌳 Relaxing forests and playful creatures, 🌳

         ❤️A place of love and peace combined.❤️

       ✨Magic awaits in this beautiful land,✨

         🐦😁Birds are humming happy and free.😁🐦

  🌲A land of nature, green and tall,🌲

 🌌The deep blue sky will overcome you, I promise you thee.🌌

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Cakes and desserts are sooo delicious! I LOVE cheesecake the most!!! Especially millionaire cheesecake. Do you love cheesecake? They are just HEAVEN!!! Brownies are great too!

Cheesecake  YUM!!!!

Thanks to Susanne Nilsson for the image!

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The icy,cold blasting winds blow,

Across the white wasteland of snow.

Fog soon comes,a dim light you will see,

Then it all changes,overnight it will be.

Flowers blossom and the trees will grow,

Spring is now with is wherever we go.

Already shining on our front lawn,

A bright summer’s sun will be here by dawn.

Sunflowers,daffodils and daisies,

All summer scents get me going crazy!!!

Crispy leaves fall all around,

Whilst golden acorns hit the ground.

Then it restarts and happens again.

These 4 seasons never seem to end.

By Brille😍😜😚😻🐯

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