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I find this book extremely funny. I congratulate Steve Cole for his ‘Cow Humor.’ The book is about a farm with animals in owned by a kind farmer and his devious wife. There are 2 Cows and 1 Donkey who are extremely clever (The first of the Clever Cow generation.) The donkey makes a time shed which can go back in time. Then, out of nowhere, 2 CIA Cows appear. They introduce themselves and say they’re part of the CIA (Cows In Action) and are trying to stop the FBI (Fed-up Bulls institution.) They go to the Tudor Times and save King Henry marrying a FBI Cow instead of Anne of Cleves.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Comment: So funny!

Today was Miss Salloways’ birthday..

We had cake…

We had a surprise entry…

We made class card..

and we cheered!


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Lately, I’ve been watching an animation called Dragon Ball Z. They use manga which is a Japanese type of drawing. It is awesome. It is about a warrior called Goku who has to defeat evil. The Saiyans are dastardly people who try to take over the world. I’ve only watched one season so far and it is beast.

Here are the cast:

Goku: A warrior

Gohan: Goku’s son

Chi Chi : Goku’s wife

Piccolo: An alien who turned good.




On Saturday, Arsenal were playing rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It was an extraordinary game as Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-0. It was an excellent performance. Arsenal scored all the goals in one half. The defending from Chelsea was rubbish as Sanchez grabbed the ball and chipped it over the keeper. Then, Walcott with a clean strike. The German superstar Ozil scored an absolute wonder by hitting the ball on the floor with flew over the keeper. IT WENT IN!!

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Chapter 1: GONE!

Robert and Alan were playing a strategy game called ‘Clash Royale’ on their phones. They had a shared account. They glanced at their deck but surprisingly there was no cards except a picture of a blank shelf. A light shone continuously. Filled with curiosity they clicked it…

Chapter 2 : Kings

The boys found themselves in a middle of a battle field. One side had 3 towers and so did the other. a fanfare of trumpets erupted. A BIG KING rose upon his main tower. The boys stared in awe. Frantically, they ran to a random side and hopped in the crown tower. It was the red team.

“Hi! I’m King Stan!” said the Red King.

“Hi!” The boys said in unison. The King gestured a hand movement which you could tell he was saying to hop on. Then an ear splitting roar shook  the battlefield… It was a baby dragon.

“Don’t worry.” said Stan. He placed his robot in front of the dragon and the robot showed no mercy. It destroyed the dragon. Then,out of nowhere, a mighty giant came towards them. Stan tried to defend but the other king was laughing….

Chapter 3: A horde of attackers!

In front of the Red team was a whole army of troops in a formation to destroy them. There were:

Small troops

Big troops

Fast troops

Slow troops

Strong troops… Will the boys loose?

Chapter 4: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Alan and Robert looked at each thereat out of the tower and started fighting. The minions came closer menacingly. Alan jumped on the minions and absolutely finished them off. Robert pinched a spear from the goblins and killed them. There was a big shadow looming over them. BANG!! A sudden rocket zoomed over and destroyed the troops..

Stan smugly folded his arms and sent his army. 1 tower! 2 tower! 3 towers! RED WINS!!

Chapter 5 : Back to normal!

There was a sudden blinding light! They found themselves back at home. Their phone was waiting eagerly to be played on. Alan turned it on. The deck was back and there was a new card called: ‘The trio’  Robert pointed at the new card.

‘It’s us!!’

The End