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The Red Eye – Innovation

June 27th, 2017 · No Comments · General News


The Map

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Outside the wind howled across the hills. Inside the cave was still. Still until my heartbeat took over the open space. I stuck onto the dull,lifeless walls as the crunch of gravel filled my ears. The colours of my body faded into the sadness of my home. Someone or something was in my cave.


It was silent. The noise had stopped. It had left. No, it hadn’t it was back again. The same noise repeated itself, again and again. It was heading towards me. Could it see me ? It turned back. Phew. That was close. I was safe.


Ever since my mother had told me not to hunt “innocent” humans, I haven’t been myself.

You have to stop killing them, it isn’t right, they haven’t done anything to us. This is for our safety and theirs.” she said

“But what about food!” I protested.

“Berries. Go and pick berries. Then maybe you’ll understand that it’s easier to eat berries than humans.” she replied

My mind came back to reality. I didn’t want to let my mother down. I wouldn’t do it.

Something else was there. I had to give in. The temptation was murdering me. They were going. The thing was holding something. The map! They were taking it. I had to get it.They were going to pay.


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