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Innovation – Journey Tale

June 27th, 2017 · No Comments · English

Intense Hide and Seek

”Ready or not, here I come,” shouted Kevin, determined to find Sally. The adventurous, daring pair had been in the cave for hours – more like, days. Unsuprisingly, they would come to the cave twice a week, playing different things : tag, stuck in the mud, bulldog and more. Today was not the same. Extreme hide and seek. No torches, no help except for their father’s map. It contained all the best hiding spots in the cave.

” Found you! ” stated Kevin, proud of find his sister in such limited conditions. He remembered finding Sally in Extreme hide and seek in a run – down building. But this was more intense. The sudden crunch of gravel was unexpected, as Kevin wondered whether it was Sally who had ran across the gravel. He quickly glanced back at where she was. She was gone. Questions shot at him like bullets – where was Sally? was she safe? who had created the crunch of gravel?

Kevin ducked behind the nearest rock – he could hear deafening screeches that pierced through the eerie gloom. As time gradually went past, he could feel the menacing intent of evil devouring him : it was as if daggers had cut through him, cut through his soul, cut through his mind. He was alone. No one was there to help. Kevin had to get out before it was too late. The trees outside thrashed around like crazed, out of control zombies. Sweat meandered down his cheek, as a tingling sensation went down his spine. The hairs on his arm stood up, retreating back, a weak army. 

Then, it all changed.

Half an hour later, Kevin was no longer mortal. His chest was full of strength and power, with abdominal muscles protruding out. His palms were hairy, with the claws at the end of them. His red eye illuminously flickered. Kevin could no longer change this.

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